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(Trying to) Identify Trees

I recently learned in my SustainableWorks class that most Americans can identify over 1000 corporate logos, but less than 10 species of plants or trees. Having a degree in graphic design insures I know a lot of logos, but working … Continue reading

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Join Us next month at AltBuild 2010 in Santa Monica

Along with members of LA Box Collective!

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Reclaimed Douglas Fir Bookshelves

Clients with great taste are fun to work with. This wall of bookshelves is filled with tomes and magazines of fashion and eco-friendly landscaping. We’ll prune it down for the custom cabinetry page of our website. But here’s a first … Continue reading

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Outdoor and Eco-friendly Furniture

This is an except from our most recent (every few month) newsletter. You can see the rest of this one or others or subscribe to get it in your inbox. Spring Break. Once upon a time, that meant nursing a … Continue reading

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