Whether the impetus for a custom built piece of furniture is an empty space, a beautiful piece of wood or an affinity for something you see on our portfolio, we give each project careful attention and build it to order. Considered design and detail, time-tested joinery and master-finishing are not always the fastest way to do things, but they are the best.

Bespoke CSFM
Choose a project from our portfolio. We will replicate it or customize to your specifications, including dimensions and/or functionality.

Design / Build
Come with a rough sketch, or just the space that you need worked out. We work with you to come up with a design. Then we build it too. With Design / Build, the final cost of production is set once the design is completed and approved.

Just a note: Custom does not mean we copy other designers work or that we work in any and all genres. Take a look at our portfolio to see if our materials and styles fit with what you are looking for.

Simon Dresser
Warm and modern
Cheery Table
A daughters tribure
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