Each piece, or project, created in our shop is bench made to order. Inevitabley, this means that each job is slightly different. Even with the pieces we make time and again, like our wine oak doors, the customer approves a drawing and receives the opportunity to visit the shop and/or get samples they can touch.

The element in our process that remains the same, no matter how much or how little the materials, the site, the layout or the clients differ, is that we approach each job with a commitment to building a quality product that will last. Quality craftsmanship and sound design is sustainability at it's core.

We employ a deep list of local and regional resources to find the right materials. Especially in the realm of green materials and potential "green-washing", our clients benefit from our experience with products and suppliers and share what is hype and what is genuine.

Our returning clients, both professional and private, come back to us to add value to their design endeavors. Looking for unique materials, a collaborative relationship and workmanship they can trust. They don't just want it done, they want it done better.
Source with sustainable materials
Design and build to last
Non-toxic or low VOC finish, polished to perfection
Hollywood Bar Cabinet
Open late or closes early, up to you
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