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About Us

What We Do

We use resources and processes that have been overlooked and undervalued at Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker to create high-end, wood furniture and cupboards. Yes, we truly manufacture it in our workshop.

You are cordially invited to visit it. We collaborate directly with clients and trade members, offering our design vision or adding value to yours with our experience and resources.

Our Story

From the talented professionals he has worked for in Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Aspen, Cliff has developed and refined his abilities “on the bench.” He has created everything from window displays to sets to exquisite cabinetry, millwork, and furniture while working for some of LA’s finest businesses. His passion for woodworking, salvaging.

In 2004, he left his job as a designer at New York City’s Cooper Hewitt to start his own firm in Los Angeles that promotes sustainable design, materials, and construction. He teamed up with his wife, Leigh, a graphic designer, and now employs a growing on-site staff of dedicated craftsmen.


Life is fleeting. Live simply, with only the necessities: a table, a few chairs, and a bed. Make sure you like them, want to care for them, and enjoy telling others about where they came from. Our furniture and cabinetry are designed to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort in your house while also providing serenity.


We offer the required liability insurance and workers compensation coverage, as required of a California-licensed contractor (cabinetry and millwork). You are protected by state licensing. We are not unique in this; rather, we follow the regulations.


Each item, or project, created in our store is bench-made to order. As a result, each task is unique. Even with the components we produce time and again, such as wine oak doors, the consumer approves a drawing and receives the option to visit the shop and/or receive samples they can feel.

The portion of our procedure that remains constant, no matter how much or little the materials, the site, the design, or the clients vary is that we approach each project with a dedication to creating a high-quality product that will endure. Quality craftsmanship and good planning are at the heart of long-term sustainability.

To discover the appropriate resources, we utilize a lengthy list of local and regional resources. Our clients benefit from our expertise with goods and suppliers and share what is hype and what is real in the area of “green materials” and potential “green-washing.”

Our current customers, both professional and individual, return to us for value-add services. They want unique materials, a collaborative relationship, and workmanship they can trust. They don’t simply want something done; they want it done better.