How to Protect Furniture in Storage from Mice
How to Protect Furniture in Storage from Mice

How to Protect Furniture in Storage from Mice

How many times have you gone to a friend’s house and seen your favorite chair, table or other piece of furniture in the garage? It might have been sitting there for years just waiting for the right person to come by. If you’re concerned about mice being attracted to any wood that is left untreated, this blog post will be a valuable resource! Here are some tips on how best to protect furniture from rodents when it’s time to store it away.

Use a mouse repellent on wood

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect furniture from mice is to apply a rodent repellent. There are many products on the market that can be sprayed directly onto untreated wood, such as coyote urine or peppermint oil. This works well for smaller items like chairs but may not work quite as effectively if you’re trying to keep rodents off an entire buffet. Keeping these surfaces coated with a product should help prevent them coming in contact with your belongings and potentially chewing through it while they search for food!

Use heavy duty storage bags

Another way we recommend protecting stored pieces is by placing each one inside of a large bag before putting it into storage. Hefty plastic storage bins can also come in handy here since you’ll be able to easily fit one piece inside and seal it up. This will ensure that mice can’t get into the storage unit in search of food or nesting materials since they won’t be able to see your furniture through the plastic!

Be sure not to store items too tightly

You don’t want rodents chewing their way through a bag, but you also don’t want them getting comfortable during those long winter months either! Make sure that each item is loosely packed before putting it away for an extended period of time; this gives any visiting rodent enough room to freely move around without feeling confined. If you have more than one stored item, separate them from one another so there are no areas where rodents could potentially nest or live once they find access to your storage space.

Keep food and water sources far away

This is a simple tip that many people overlook, but it’s one of the most important! Make sure to keep all food and water sources as far away from your storage area as possible. This includes pet foods, pastas or grains in bins, kitchen supplies you may have left behind and more. Mice are opportunistic animals who won’t think twice about eating through almost anything if they find themselves hungry enough so by keeping these items safe at home you’ll be saving yourself some aggravation later on down the road!

One final thing we’d like to mention before wrapping up this post is something no rodent repellent can protect against: chemical fumes. If there happen to be some leftover pesticides, cleaning supplies or other chemicals in your storage unit when you move items back inside, they could have a very negative effect on the furniture. If possible, try to clean any surfaces before bringing them into the house and make sure that anything left behind is sealed up securely so mice can’t get at it!

That’s all for today, we hope this blog post has been helpful and will help keep rodents away from stored pieces of wood while keeping your home safe too!

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