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Our materials

Our materials

Here’s a sampling of the woods we utilize. These are simply concepts. Because no two pieces of wood from the same species are identical, we appreciate this fact.

Alder (Red)

It’s a natural way to add color and texture in your decor. It is brownish-red and has a similar grain to birch; it can be cultivated or found in waste sites for various effects.


A pure white that is lighter (but not much) than maple.


The color of alexis patio furniture is brown. The majority of the time, ash hardwood flooring is lighter in hue and has a rough texture, similar to oak.


While we do not believe that bamboo is the be all, end all in green materials, when procured mindfully, it provides a variety of good aesthetic and sustainable options.

Carob (Urban Salvage)

Exotic qualities in a locally sourced wood, unique color and grain


One of the most workable woods, but difficult to finish its fine closed grain; darkens over time

Douglas Fir (Clear)

Reclaimed from local, vintage buildings that have been torn down, old-growth douglas fir is dense, strong and full of character


Certain species that are local to Southern California provide stunning lumber for casework and furniture in a range of color and figure


Dunnage, the square pieces of wood used as support and padding in building, shipping and trucking, were made of old growth wood species, like oak, elm and hickory.

Liquid Amber

Generally planted for its ornamental beauty, this tree has strong woodworking qualities for furniture and millwork.


A common favorite for furniture and cabinets alike, be on the alert for the chain of custody on this species

Maple (Various Species)

Uniform texture that works in a wide range of applications

Mesquite (Honey or Black)

Lots of character and very durable, grows wild in the American Southwest

Oak (Live) (Urban Salvage)

Historically used in ship building, similar qualities to white oak, found locally in California

Pine (Various Species / Urban Salvage)

Unlike mass marketed pine you can dent with your fingernail, we prefer to reclaim stock that is hard and durable, often with interesting character and color.

Redwood (Salvage)

California Redwood has straight grain and a pinkish to reddish color. Salvaged first growth lumber maintains a level of durability and resistance to decay that second growth crops have lost.

Sycamore (Salvage)

Light color and a lacy grain; found locally in California

Walnut (Black)

One of the few domestic hardwoods with a natural dark color; very hard, durable and resistant to decay