Cliff Spencer


To The Trade

You need vision, expertise, and a relationship with the client to guide your project as an interior designer, architect, or general contractor.

Trade Discounts

We provide trade discounts to interior design professionals who resell our work.


We take pride in our craftsmanship. Whether it’s an empty space, a gorgeous piece of wood, or a passion for something you see on our website, we pay close attention to each job and build it to order. Time-tested construction techniques and expert finishing are not always the quickest method to finish projects; nevertheless, they are the finest.

Design / Build

Bring a rough drawing or just the area that needs to be remodeled. We collaborate with you to develop a design. Then we construct it as well. The final cost of production is predetermined once the design is complete and authorized with Design / Build.


We are no longer providing cabinet repair services in Los Angeles, but we do recommend these fantastic craftspeople for you to contact. Check out their websites to see if their skills are a good match for what you need!

Doors & Countertops

The doors are constructed of wine oak, which is reclaimed from the wine-making process in California. This is a one-of-a-kind, beautiful, and environmentally friendly product that no one else makes. Each door is entirely unique. Choose your preferred colors; dark (from red wine), light (from white wine), or a combination.

Wine oak is also used to make countertops and cabinet doors. By us or other manufacturers, they may be utilized on cabinets or table bases.

Wood (Re)Finishing

Visit our site for finishing and maintenance goods, including WOCA, Real Milk Paint, and Daddy Van’s. Our signature line is on the way!

Tree Concierge

Some of our most intriguing and enjoyable projects include wood with a personal connection to the owner. Perhaps it was on their land for years before being damaged by a storm, but the owners don’t want the tree to be destroyed entirely.

The Wing House’s owner had gathered urban salvage from garden tours. She hired us to create one-of-a-kind furniture for her magnificent house. The results were remarkable: beautiful, rustic items made of carob, alder, redwood, and oak with many salvaged trunks largely intact.

In 1942, a family in Malibu had lovingly planted olive trees in their yard. The trees were unfortunately destroyed by fire years later, and the younger generation had been saving the wood for 15 years. We were able to utilize the wood to make a fantastic kitchen countertop that they loved because of its connection with their family’s history.